About the Project

The goal of the Bricks and Bones project as a whole is to engage local people in the archaeology and heritage of this area, with support from partners and professionals.

Through this project, local people will learn about the heritage of where they live, perceptions of the area will be improved, community cohesion will be encouraged and supported, local people will be empowered to do more for their local area, they will become better trained and visitors and tourists will be attracted into the local area to enjoy the heritage and use local businesses.

As the community has a wide range of spoken languages present and is very culturally diverse, the project seeks to foster an ethos of welcoming inclusivity and acceptance in order to promote community cohesion.

The project seeks to change people’s attitudes and/or behaviour by taking part. Learning about the unique and fascinating heritage of the area will give local people a sense of pride in where they live. This will also help to raise aspirations, and counter some of the negative perceptions of the area.